• Naughty America is the first major American company to create and release VR-based adult entertainment
  • VR porn so far has been used to deliver point-of-view experiences ideal for use with Google Cardboard
  • They will be releasing scenes on a weekly basis
  • $16.2 billion was raised in 2014, $34.4 billion expected in 2015
  • Industry is dominated by lending-based campaigns vs equity, raising $11.08 billion in 2014
  • "Asia accounts for much of last year’s growth, rising 320%, to $3.4 billion"
  • Mobile shopping app usage grew faster than any other category of apps
  • Overall app use was up 76% from 2013
  • Utilies and productivity apps had second-fastest growth followed by messaging apps; game apps fell behind
  • They're using tomato fibers to make wire holders and storage bins
  • They have used other items like denim jeans and shredded cash as replacement materials in their cars
  • They've also approached Coca-Cola, Nike, Proctor & Gamble to source more sustainable materials for cars
  • Uber won recent battle with NYC major wanting to cap growth of ride-hailing apps
  • Uber is adding 3% more vehicles per month
  • 100,000 new riders use Uber per month
  • Number of people in US seeking aid fell to 255,000, lowest since 1973
  • 223,000 jobs were added to economy in June
  • Unemployment rate is 5.3%, a 7-year low
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