• Jeeps were hacked and controlled via wifi by two non-malitious hackers to demonstrate danger.
  • Recall doesn’t require owners to bring their vehicles to a dealer. "They’ll be sent a USB drive with a software update they can install."
  • Chrysler has also taken steps to block the digital attack with “network-level security measures.”
  • "A team of scientists has created genetically modified rice that borrows a single gene from barley."
  • "The altered organism can generate up to 43 percent more grains per plant."
  • Methane emission down to 0.3%, a lot lower than regular rice's 10%.
  • e-commerce giant developing new drive-up store concept in Silicon Valley
  • it will allow consumers to order grocery items online and then schedule a pickup at a dedicated facility,
  • could signal a new distribution strategy for Amazon and add an additional threat to a grocery industry
  • "Oviary ($79)—a new project on Kickstarter—is a taste of what experts call "medication adherence.""
  • Clamshell case built for women taking the pill.
  • One button syncs case with a smartphone app via Wi-Fi; push notifications remind the patient to take the medication.
  • New design for the TF-X will be tested as a one-tenth scale model in a wind tunnel
  • The hybrid electric vehicle will carry four people.
  • 200MPH cruise speed. 500 Mile Range. Estimated availability: 2025
  • Sony Mobile to launch a drone company called Aerosense with Japan-based robotics company ZMP.
  • "Aerosense will sell services using drones but not the drones themselves'
  • "Aerosense aims to start rolling out its services in 2016."
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