• "The Egg Map by Budapest-based designer Dénes Sátor is [...] a stress ball with a map of the city printed on its sides."
  • "Map printed on the Egg Map colors each quarter of a city differently."
  • "Displaced air inflates part of the ball," creating a zoom-effect
  • New feature will "alert users when Maps has found a newly-captured photo taken at a food-related place on their device."
  • Then it will "offer to attach that photo to a location for other users to see."
  • Similar to Tablescape which "encouraged users to upload 'foodographs' (photos of food) with specialized categories."
  • Robots use the "user-generated advice site to learn how to do all sorts of tasks for us—including making pancakes and pizza."
  • "RoboHow’s robot, the PR2, scans the text of wikiHow and other sites to find the information it needs to complete the task it’s been given."
  • Semantic Parsing: "Analyzes the language meant for humans into something it can act upon."
  • "UberPool’s map shows a green line overlaid on a major artery street nearby."
  • Uber compensates with a $1+ discount off the normal UberPool price along this green line.
  • "In some cases that means walking a few blocks to your pickup spot. A little less convenient, a little cheaper."
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