• "Researchers saw that a four-day school week had a statistically significant impact on math scores for fifth-grade students."
  • "Reading scores, however, were not affected."
  • 1/3 of school districts in Colorado already run on four-day school weeks.
  • "A new study finds an algorithmic word analysis is flawless at determining whether a person will have a psychotic episode."
  • "Doctors are able to guess with impressive accuracy—the best predictive models hover around 79 percent."
  • 100% Accurate, outperforming "biomarkers from neuroimaging and EEG recordings of brain activity."
  • "Campaign's arm chair is made up of about a dozen components that are assemble in less than two minutes with no tools."
  • "All of the boxes can be shipped standard FedEx or UPS and fit into a typical car trunk."
  • "Shipping is included in Campaign's sticker price, whereas that's usually at least $100 more for other brands."
  • "1 in 7 people on Earth used Facebook to connect with their friends and family."
  • Zuckerberg: "This was the first time we reached this milestone, and it's just the beginning of connecting the whole world."
  • "Using solar-powered planes [to deliver basic internet services] the company [is positioned] to grow its reach even further."
  • Over 20,000 sensor points; "from multiple fingers to a paintbrush [...] the Morph will sense where you pressed and how hard."
  • Can also be "used as a QWERTY keyboard or a DJ's mixer."
  • "The Morph’s $250 price point makes it the first accurate pressure touchpad aimed at the consumer market."
  • "Google has filed a patent for new technology to identify and track potholes" in the U.S.
  • "A variety of sensors and location-tracking info" would "help users avoid potholes and find alternate routes."
  • "Correlating data from thousands or millions of vehicles [...] would give drivers current, real-time information" through Google Maps.
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