• Residential college campuses "where there is a high-level of gender inequality in social life.”
  • "Where there are lots of people [...] going to alcohol-soaked parties in all-male residences with no official administrative oversight.”
  • "Where men bond over sexual conquests and believe that true brotherhood means silence."
  • "New study following 657 people who took the HIV prevention drug Truvada for 2.5 years."
  • "100 percent of them remain HIV-free - even those in high-risk environments."
  • "The pill, which has to be taken every day without fail, has been on the market in the US since 2012."
  • "One startup’s found a way to build a big business off of charitable giving."
  • Aims to "become the name-brand software provider for the foundations and non-profits" that manage $360B/year in charitable giving.
  • Flux works with 6 of the top 10 foundations "by assets managed, and 150 foundations managing more than $75 billion in assets overall."
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