• People report feeling strongly about the importance of local public libraries; people actually using libraries less.
  • 1/3 (≈) of respondents 16+ said libraries should “definitely” remove some print books and stacks "to free up space for technology hubs"
  • 1/2 (≈) of those surveyed said libraries should “definitely” make 3-D printing technologies available
  • The Halluc Iix "is a prototype from the Future Robotics Technology Centre (FRTC)." Three modes: "vehicle, insect, and animal mode"
  • 56 motors, "which makes travelling on unpaved surfaces possible and eliminates the need for paving"
  • Aims to rethink the relationship between society, nature and mobility.
  • The WEpod "will be the first self-driving electric shuttle to run in regular traffic;" takes bookings via a dedicated app
  • During its test phase, "a control room will monitor the vehicle and safety of its passengers"
  • 6 person vehicle; max speed 25 kmph; "expected to expand to more routes and other regions in the Netherlands from May 2016 onwards"
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