• Potential uses: to study the progression of developmental diseases; to test drugs for conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  • Roughly the size of a pencil eraser; engineered from adult human skin cells; "most complete human brain model yet developed"
  • To grow the brain further would "require a network of blood vessels that the team cannot yet produce" and an artificial heart
  • Kirigami is a Japanese paper cutting technique, not as "well known as it's flashier cousin, origami"
  • Flexible, "amorphous panel strips are made of gallium arsenide that are cut in a kirigami-like fashion"
  • Can "make almost any solar cell up to 40% more efficient"
  • XQ: The Super School Project is a "$50 million campaign to conceive of and create the next American high school"
  • Contestant teams must "submit comprehensive plans for teachers, administration and evaluation."
  • Public schools have stagnated while "America has gone from a Model T to a Tesla;" Open call for submissions closes 11/15
  • Chinese 3D printing technology company Winsun will print it "layer by layer" with a 20 ft tall 3D printer
  • The layers will be "assembled on site to produce a building covering approximately 2,000 sq ft"
  • WinSun also constructed "10 small houses in one day last year using a 22-ft (6.6-m) tall 3D printer"
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