• Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued a warning due to incidents of drones flying dangerously close to planes
  • In the UK, 800 companies are registered to use drones but public does not have to register
  • Drone users flying within 1000ft of planes have not been caught because they aren't registered
  • Public radio station WNYC and SHoP Architects placed TalkBoxes in the city for 24-hour, on-the-ground reporting
  • The phone is portable and connects to WNYC's Google Voice account, with a recorded question from a journalist
  • The first day, 30 people left messages
  • Last year there were more cases of attacks specifically targeting nuclear power plants and similar facilities
  • Cyberattacks have been steadily growing in recent years, particularly in developing countries
  • Conference will look at trends in cyberattacks, nuclear security, threat analysis, industrial control systems and operator experience
  • Sexual assault on college campuses has recently been labeled an epidemic
  • New online tool, Callisto, is built by survivors and stores holds information for them to choose to report or save info on their attackers
  • University of San Francisco will be the first of 3 initial participating universities to beta-test the program
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