• Art using plastics, PVC, polyester, and polyurethane is relatively new and susceptible to decay
  • Plastics are a “brittle" material; perceptions of plastics as a “stable" material are mostly inaccurate
  • Museums such as the Tate are already developing replicas of key plastic artworks
  • Survey was of active art collectors with 100+ works of art who are also on Instagram
  • 87% of collectors surveyed check Instagram more than twice a day and 55% open the app 5+ times a day
  • Collectors use Instagram as a tool for keeping up with the latest trends in the art market
  • Ubiquitousness of technology in modern life has made people accepting of its role in art, forcing artists to be more ambitious
  • It's no longer a novelty, and standards are raising
  • Technology in art is becoming about how people are stimulated by it and what its communicating
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