• 26% of this generation is married, compared to 36% of GenerationX and 48% Baby Boomers at the same age
  • In 2012, 47% of births to women in the Millennial generation were non-marital compared to 35% of Gen Xers at the same age
  • Across all 4 generations, approx 60% say more children being raised by single parents is bad for society
  • "17 percent of parents who make more than $100,000 per year said in a recent survey that they had told or will tell their children before age 18 how much money they make."
  • "Nearly half of millionaires say they don’t feel wealthy, even though 95 percent of households make less than $167,000 a year."
  • New tech tools can allow parents to track their physical whereabouts, monitor their driving speed, track Facebook posts, scan social networks, etc.
  • Average American family uses five Internet-enabled devices at home, including smartphones
  • Surveys have found that 2/3 of parents check their children’s digital footprints; nearly 40 percent follow them on Facebook and Twitter
  • Study tracking 10K+ grad students shows family formation negatively affects women’s, but not men’s, academic careers
  • Women married with kids are filling part-time and adjunct faculty positions, the fastest growing sector of academia
  • Business and law show trends similar to academia
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