• Economic burden is greater than previous generations; this may be why median age of marriage is highest in history
  • Half (51%) say they do not believe there will be any money for them in Social Security by the time they are ready to retire
  • Yet Millennials are optimistic: "More than eight-in-ten say they either currently have enough money to lead the lives they want (32%) or expect to in the future (53%)."
  • In 1989, 33% of Americans had visited a casino in their entire lifetime
  • 87% of Americans now see gambling as an acceptable activity, according to American Gambling Association
  • World Series of Poker recently held record-breaking event with 22,374 players
  • One of China's big-four state-owned lenders, Bank of China Ltd., will participate in electronic auctions that set the LBMA Gold Price benchmark
  • China is the world's largest gold producer; it ties with India as the largest gold consumer
  • China is taking major steps to open up its financial markets to attract foreign investors
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