• Median sales price "for an apartment in Manhattan in the third quarter of 2015 (July to September) climbed to roughly $999,000"
  • Price has risen "almost 10% from the same quarter of last year"
  • The mean sales price of a Manhattan apartment "is reported to exceed exceed $1,700,000"
  • Several apartments at 220 Central Park South would be combined to create one $250 million apartment
  • New York City’s most expensive apartment entering the market is $150M
  • Nearly 500 U.S. companies that have moved to or expanded in downtowns and walkable neighborhoods over the past five years
  • New locations are more walkable and transit-accessible to attract talented workers, support creative collaboration and be closer to customers
  • The trend "brings hope for repair" of the environmental damange caused by urban sprawl of 1990s
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