• Residential college campuses "where there is a high-level of gender inequality in social life.”
  • "Where there are lots of people [...] going to alcohol-soaked parties in all-male residences with no official administrative oversight.”
  • "Where men bond over sexual conquests and believe that true brotherhood means silence."
  • New bill to "reduce the burden of testing on classroom time."
  • Annual testing still required, but states and districts have more choice and can reduce hours
  • SMART Act would grant cash to states to audit testing programs
  • Federal report shows 25 states have “below basic” scores for 4th grade reading according to the gold standard test, The National Assessment of Educational Progress
  • Since implementing the new standards, North Carolina student scores are now at or near the NAEP proficiency standard
  • Range of student scores in proficiency levels nationwide is “about three to four grade levels in student performance"
  • "A school district in southeastern Iowa is 'among the first in the nation to outfit administrators at each of the district's 8 school buildings with a body camera' "
  • The district spent about $1,100 to purchase 13 cameras at about $85 each, which can be clipped onto ties or lanyards
  • For U.S. soldiers and American police officers, body cameras guard against misconduct or errors that regularly have deadly consequences
  • The drone hovers 500 ft above testers to identify the location of radio signals, intercepting students trying to receive messages
  • Staff receive messages on tablets and control the drones
  • They're being used in a Chinese province for the high-pressure "gaokao" exam
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