• "Little Sun Charge kicked off on September 2nd with the goal of raising at least $56,345."
  • In "five short days has tripled its goal, with pledges worth $170,204 (and counting)."
  • Charges cellphone in one day of sun.
  • $16.2 billion was raised in 2014, $34.4 billion expected in 2015
  • Industry is dominated by lending-based campaigns vs equity, raising $11.08 billion in 2014
  • "Asia accounts for much of last year’s growth, rising 320%, to $3.4 billion"
  • Crowdfunding campaigns can be used to conduct market research, in addition to raising funds
  • Existing networks can be utilized by entrepreneurs, writers, and artists to jump-start a campaign.
  • Tech gadgets, fashion apparel, and video production are three trending categories ideal for crowdfunding
  • Last year, 308 crowdfunding platforms across the world raised $2.7 billion, an 81 percent increase over 2011
  • Growth expected to reach $5.1 billion raised in 2013, representing an expected 89 percent increase
  • While women entrepreneurs only get 5 percent of all investment capital, they stand to raise more investment dollars
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