• Clients spend up to three minutes in a chamber with "-265 degrees Fahrenheit in liquid nitrogen vapor"
  • Supporters "compare the effects to 20 minutes in an ice water bath, but without the usual discomfort"
  • Minneapolis owner intends to expand with two more locations in 2016.
  • "2014 [...] saw the most entrepreneurial activity in 16 years" 24M Americans founded small businesses last year.
  • Entrepreneurship becoming "a much more selective club that favors the affluent [...] Americans."
  • Personal savings and loans are "more difficult to come by since the recession. "
  • "Solopreneur SchoolTM was conceived by Joellyn 'Joey' Sargent, founder and CEO of the Claravon Group."
  • "A 2014 study by MBO Partners found that there are 17.9 million full time solopreneurs in the United States.” 12% Increase since 2011.
  • "Today, nearly 9% of workers in the United States are solopreneurs.”
  • "BrightBytes’ mission is to be the global leader in improving student achievement through the use of technology and data analysis."
  • Provides tools to help look at how investment in technology influences outcomes in classrooms.
  • Tells those in schools who make decisions about purchasing how to spend money on technology.
  • Solopreneurs are a nascent but growing trend.
  • Part-time solopreneurs, "side-giggers," don't work more than 15 hours a week on new ventures; tend to be supported by full-time employment elsewhere.
  • Solopreneurs on the rise with "graduates having a harder time than ever finding gainful employment and consumer debt reaching new highs
  • "Dell’s Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard – which analyses the challenges and opportunities for women business-owners to launch, scale, create jobs and disrupt industries in 31 countries – listed the UK behind the US, Canada, Australia and Sweden."
  • "India, Pakistan and Bangladesh scored lowest overall."
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