• 143 countries brought in their A-list teams of architects, innovators and culinary experts to design their temporary buildings.
  • "The American interpretation of a sustainable future is focused on vertical farming. It's indicative of the country's emphasis on food security and the need to combat food wastage that amounts to an estimated $165 billion a year"
  • Every new commercial building in France must meet a new building requirement; the roof must be at least partially covered in either solar panels or plants
  • Green roofs have many benefits including an isolating effect that helps reduce the energy needed for summer heating and winter cooling
  • The 6-year-old green home certification program of the Home Innovation Research Labs has certified its 50,000th home
  • The certification program found success with builders who viewed green homebuilding as a way to differentiate themselves
  • Along with other popular green home certifications like LEED, the program has helped to make green building more mainstream
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