• LUTZ Pathfinder pod is fully-electric; top speed of 15mph; maps and learns its environment
  • To be trialled on pedestrianised streets, unveiled in Milton Keynes on Tuesday.
  • Small, two-seater pod; "autonomous control system [...] developed by Oxford University's mobile robotics group"
  • Machine has 16 separate motors and propellers.
  • Powered by a cluster of lithium-ion batteries.
  • "The computer-optimized frame is made of lightweight 6060 aluminum"
  • "This stretch, near the new town of Quay Valley along Interstate-5 midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, is estimated to cost $100 million and could start carrying passengers in 2018 after extensive safety testing."
  • “We look at it as a metro system,” says Dirk Ahlborn, head of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies or HTT, which is building the California project. Ahlborn envisions a network in the United States and elsewhere; calling trains a “dinosaur industry” and high-speed rail too expensive.
  • The startup has $51 million in funding from Sequoia Capital and Silver Lake Kraftwerk as well as Autodesk’s Spark Investment Fund
  • Most 3D printing creates objects layer-by-layer; Carbon3D's creates stronger, faster shapes with resins shaped by light and oxygen
  • Ford is exploring 3D printing to speed up prototyping and, in the future, possibly crafting personalized car parts
  • “There is no question that this is the future of transportation,” Hogan said after four trips along the 26-mile test track near Mount Fuji.
  • A 40-mile maglev line between Baltimore and Washington would cost $10+ billion; 5-8 minute commute time; 300+ MPH
  • "The point of Thursday’s runs was not to prove how fast these trains can go but rather to convince Hogan that Maryland needs them."
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