• Most of the recent university student uprisings during the fall of 2014 focused on racism and police violence
  • "About half of the 160 protests were between two main themes: sexism/sexual assault and university governance/student rights"
  • When protests from cab drivers and others grew "out of control," Uber suspended UberPOP
  • The manager of Uber France and general manager for western Europe were detained by police for questioning over "illicit activities"
  • Uber is waiting for a key court decision in September before permanently dropping the service or reinstating
  • Set up by 29-yr-old Thom Feeney from Britain, the 7-day campaign crashed Indiegogo but raised €500K in several days
  • Whether it works or not, this if the first time citizens have attempted to bypass politicians to save the economy of a country
  • Even if the campaign raises enough to meet the deadline, another payment is due in July
  • In an effort to raise €1.6bn by their deadline, Greece launched a campaign on IndieGoGo
  • Members of the public to make donations of as little as €3, in return for saving Greece and a postcard from the prime minister
  • The campaign raised more than €20,000 in its first day, with 7 days left
  • New trends have emerged for how to police a protest movement in the new age of domestic counterinsurgency
  • Citizens are considered "domestic terrorists" and police are using new "non-lethal" weapons to control them
  • SWAT teams and police surveillance missions are using remotely-controlled vehicles and robots in their operations
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