• Experiment designed to show how robots can learn and evolve; Cambridge & Zurich.
  • Programmed a robot arm—or "mother"—with an algorithm to create a device made out of blocks containing motors—its "child".
  • Technology could be used in areas where robots need to carry out autonomous tasks in remote locations and even in disaster response.
  • Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Baidu use AI to bolster their online services, everything from real-time translations to image recognition services
  • More companies are bringing AI to the masses to get intelligent recommendations for movies, restaurants, etc. based on your preferences
  • AI is being used for specific solutions for companies across different industries, from banks to healthcare to airlines
  • Scientists have figured out how to create timelapses by pulling data from photos that people share publicly on sites like Flickr and Picasa.
  • The team has constructed 10,728 timelapses of 2,942 landmarks so far, with Europe having the most
  • New capabilities will help clients "bridge enterprise data with Web-based cloud applications for faster and more insightful data intelligence."
  • Integration with a "growing number of cognitive computing and content analytics services in the Watson Zone on Bluemix, IBM's open standards-based cloud innovation platform."
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