• Surpassing it’s $150,000 Kickstarter Goal, Spherical offers the device for $1300-1400
  • Google’s new Jump Rig which requires 16 GoPros costs $5000-6000
  • Improvements and cost offer "an intriguing and more accessible way into the technology”
  • Could Mean No Controler For Oculus VR — Just Hands
  • "Pebbles' technology uses custom optics, sensor systems and algorithms to detect and track hand movement in real space.”
  • Offers detailed mapping of where each hand is in relation to the other.
  • VirtualRealPorn & Sex Toy Company Lovense announce collaboration
  • "VirtualRealPorn’s growing library of VR porn videos will coordinate with
  • Lovense’s digitally-endowed vibrator and Fleshlight-esque Max toy in sync with virtual sex.
  • The Oculus Touch controller is a "custom piece of kit designed solely for interacting with objects within the virtual worlds."
  • "The closest comparison is the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, Nintendo's groundbreaking two-part controller that redefined console gaming's rules with the original Wii. "
  • Fully tracked in 3D space, location and orientation are replicated in the software.
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