• They don't have a specific policy on legal partnerships that involve multiple people but it's "not out of the question"
  • The party says it "puts public image first and promotes an economy that gives everyone their fair share"
  • NBC reported last year an estimate of 5% of people in the US are in polyamorous relationships
  • Ikea has designed a shelter that's flat-packed and uses a more modular building approach, making it easier to set up
  • The shelters include solar panels, so refugees can have some power in their shelters after the sun has gone down
  • They're being tested in Ethiopia, then modified once they have feedback
  • Main focus is on improving the quality of education rather than concentrating on boosting enrollment numbers
  • The bank hopes to reach more than 120 million children who are out of school and some 250 million more who cannot read or write
  • The World Bank has spent $40 billion on education since 2000
  • Worries about invasive organisms running wild inspired scientists to create gene-editing tools to erase DNA when it leaves its designated area
  • Its precise enough to target specific portions of DNA; both the cell and its genetic information are destroyed
  • The system works in a lab, but will grow more complex in the field with real environmental conditions
  • Americans who wish to visit must qualify in one of 12 categories of licensed travel
  • Financial restrictions remain, preventing travelers from making payments online or by American credit card
  • Charter flights cost about $450 to $500 round-trip from Miami to Havana or $850 round-trip from New York
  • Prototypes will start trials on streets of northern CA this summer with a limit of 25mph
  • Google's Lexus cars have incurred 11 minor accidents in the hours logged so far
  • Design Museum awarded Google's car the Design of the Year transport award
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