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  • Soft “Skin” Made From Silicone To Let The Wearer Feel Objects in VR
    Date: 11/21/19 By: Tyler Milligan
  • “Geneva” A.I Combats World’s Strictest Internet Censorship
    Date: 11/19/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Spray-On Bandages Show Potential To Skin-Deliver Drugs
    Date: 11/15/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Bioplastic Made From Fish Scales Just Won the James Dyson Award
    Date: 11/14/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • World’s First Approval Of A Vaccine Against Ebola Granted By EU
    Date: 11/13/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Thailand To Ban Single Use Plastics First Day Of 2021
    Date: 11/12/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • By 2028 “Distributed Energy Storage Integrated With Wind and Solar Will Increase by 2,000%”
    Date: 11/11/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • NGOs See 4X Increases In Carbon-Offsetting Investments
    Date: 11/08/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Metallic Structure Created So Water Repellent It Will Not To Sink
    Date: 11/07/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Microsoft successfully archives movie on a piece of glass
    Date: 11/05/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Microsoft Japan’s 3-Day Weekend Boosts Worker Productivity By 40%
    Date: 11/04/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Japan Designing Cars Made Of Plant-Based Cellulose Nanofibers
    Date: 10/31/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • First All-Electric Car Approved For Use As An Official NYC Yellow Cab
    Date: 10/30/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • 3-D-Printed Device Finds ‘Needle In Haystack’ Cancer Cells
    Date: 10/28/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • 2022 Law: California School Start Time No Earlier Than 8:30 AM
    Date: 10/28/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • US Air Force’s 1st Anti-Drone Laser Neutralizes Drones In Seconds
    Date: 10/25/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • 40 Major Music Festivals Pledged To Not Use Facial Recognition
    Date: 10/23/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Fashion Industry “Produces 10% Of All Humanity’s Carbon Emissions”
    Date: 10/22/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • AI Is “Built To Get You Addicted,” Says Former Youtube Engineer
    Date: 10/17/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Billionaire Calls For System Where Billionaires Pay Higher Taxes
    Date: 10/14/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Humans Will Likely “Find Evidence Of Alien Life In The Next 30 Years”
    Date: 10/11/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Facial Recognition Boarding Now At JFK Airport’s Terminal 1
    Date: 10/09/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • ‘Collapse OS’ Is Open Source & Designed For Post-Apocalypse
    Date: 10/08/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Unilever To Half The 700,000 Tonnes Of Plastic It Uses Each Year By 2025
    Date: 10/07/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • 85 Trees Planted Monthly For A Netflix-Like $10 Subscription
    Date: 10/04/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • First Restaurant In The US Where Weed Can Be Openly Consumed
    Date: 10/03/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • 1st Fully Rechargeable Lithium Carbon-Dioxide Battery
    Date: 10/02/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • EU: From 2021, Longer-Lasting Appliances Will Be Law
    Date: 10/01/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • 1st US Gas Station To Transition 100% To Electric Vehicle Charging
    Date: 09/30/19 By: Mikael Gk

    Owner “was unhappy with the way oil and gasoline companies structure contracts”

    1st US Gas Station Goes 100% Electric After Owner Convinced By 17 Year Old Daughter

  • Tea Bags Contaminate Water With Millions Of Plastic Particles
    Date: 09/27/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • “Anti-Solar Panel” Turns Darkness To Power Via Radiative Sky Cooling
    Date: 09/26/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • ‘Perfectly Real’ Fake Videos In 6-12 Months, Says Deepfake Expert
    Date: 09/25/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Impossible Burgers Makes First Grocery Store Appearance Today
    Date: 09/24/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • New Solar Cell Optimized To Convert Indoor Light Into Electricity
    Date: 09/23/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Algae Bioreactor Removes “As Much CO2 As An Acre Of Trees”
    Date: 09/20/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • First Promising Evidence In Humans That Cocktail Of 3 Drugs Could Reverse The Epigenetic Clock
    Date: 09/19/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Moon-Based Space Elevator To Earth “Possible With Today’s Tech”
    Date: 09/18/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • 1B 4 Oz. Cultered-Burgers Would Require Muscle Stem Cells Of 1 Living Cow, 1.5 Months To Grow
    Date: 09/17/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Smart Cane Uses Google Maps & Sensors To Help Blind Navigate
    Date: 09/16/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • 1st Time Human Organs Safely Stored At Sub-Zero Temperatures
    Date: 09/13/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • 1 GW Energy Storage System Scheduled For Inauguration In 2025
    Date: 09/12/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Purdue Largest College Campus To Offer Autonomous Delivery
    Date: 09/11/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Voice Commands Adjust Fit Of Nike Shoes Via Siri & Applewatch
    Date: 09/10/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • First Cornea Transplant Made From “Reprogramed” Stem Cells
    Date: 09/09/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Lab-Grown “Mini Brains” Mimic Neural Activity Of Preterm Infant
    Date: 09/01/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Solar-Powered 600-Unit Apartment Complex Forms Virtual Power Plant
    Date: 08/29/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • World’s First Iron-Ion Battery Offers Low Cost Alternative To Lithium-Ion
    Date: 08/27/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • KFC Tests Plant-Based Chicken In Partnership With Beyond Meat
    Date: 08/26/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • Submarine That Creates Iceburgs By Freezing Seawater Conceptualized By Design Team
    Date: 08/24/19 By: Mikael Gk
  • AI Created That Hides Emotions From Other AI
    Date: 08/24/19 By: Mikael Gk
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