• “There has been an enormous sigh of relief [from publishers],” says AAP Vice President Tina Jordan. “We are at an equilibrium in terms of formats.”
  • After increasing from 17% of trade-book sales in 2011 to 23% in 2012, digital sales have leveled off
  • “Everyone has an iPhone now, so having one doesn’t say anything about you. But your choice of reading material does.”
  • Tweet-length works of fiction are featured in this year's #TwitterFiction Festival
  • Most stories are composed of several tweets, and so are characterized by pithiness and the social nature of the form
  • Brevity allows writers to use flash fiction to tackle esoteric topics that might not be worthy of entire novels
  • British readers spent £4million on audiobooks in 2010. Last year: £10million, a 25 per cent rise from the amount invested in the genre in 2013.
  • the rise of mobile devices and tablets has led to ever-increasing downloads
  • the popularity of audiobooks is reflected, and in part caused, by the high-profile actors signing up to narrate.
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