• Barnard College is the remaining member of the traditional Seven Sister schools to admit transgender women
  • Transgendered Americans are fighting for institutional acceptance, requiring policy revisions and challenges for schools
  • Barnard still excludes trans men; Mount Holyoke College began accepting both trans men and women last fall
  • In 2012, Pew found that 29% of white evangelicals age 18-29 expressed support for allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally
  • 2014 survey found white evangelical Protestant millennials are more than twice as likely to favor same-sex marriage as older generations
  • Evangelicals for Marriage Equality are collecting signatures to gain support among Christians for fall elections
  • They don't have a specific policy on legal partnerships that involve multiple people but it's "not out of the question"
  • The party says it "puts public image first and promotes an economy that gives everyone their fair share"
  • NBC reported last year an estimate of 5% of people in the US are in polyamorous relationships
  • Madison, WI banned discrimination against the non-religious on 1 April in the the first statute of its kind in the US
  • This protects non-believers from discrimination in the areas of housing, employment and services
  • Madison, is a conservative-leaning state and home of the Freedom from Religion Foundation
  • The new Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival favors intimate performances and quiet places for attendees
  • Parents can hear the bands they love without exposing their children to the desert sun and people on amphetamines
  • Michael Brown, the creative director of the festival, said he hopes that atmosphere appeals to a variety of music fans
  • Kinder, gentler post-Yuppies who want to bconnect with their inner source are growing in numbers
  • Brands are capitalizing on the culture of people seeking 'conscious' products and humane practices
  • Metrospirituality is becoming stylish to the masses as more celebrities popularize it
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