• Earned more than Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus combined
  • Perry focuses on entrepreneurship and running a business
  • Translatable hits bring in 60% of her total income from outside North Americ
  • "Shazam announced today that it has expanded its popular music discovery app to include the ability to scan and recognize visual objects."
  • "Users can use their smartphone camera to scan things like posters, magazine pages, or some packaged goods"
  • Shazam has 100 million monthly active users
  • Teenagers nearly exclusively listen to popular music; listen to steadily less popular music as they approach their 20s.
  • 30s: most people listen to music that either never was mainstream or has fallen in popularity since they first heard it.
  • While people tend to stop keeping up with new music, the same doesn't generally happen with movies or books.
  • Tidal has access to 25 million tracks, compared to Spotify's 30 million; also includes 75K music videos, articles, features and interviews
  • Tidal was originally launched in late 2014 and acquired in 2015 by Jay Z
  • Spotify already has 15M+ paying customers and free version; Tidal doesn't have free tier.
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