• Pew survey shows 51% Generation Xers also get political or government-related news from Facebook vs 39% baby boomers
  • Last month, Facebook began hosting and publishing "Instant Articles" from organizations like National Geographic
  • Facebook has been criticized in the past for allegedly showing users stories or status updates that they're more likely to agree with
  • The Instagram feed of Nic Tullis is populated with pictures of homeless people.
  • Tullis always gives them money. “They’re kind of working for you, they’re modeling, whether they’re homeless or not.”
  • Tullis has gained prominence in local arts scene for his portraits of Saint Louis’s homeless population.
  • Lily’s drone can record at 1080p at 60 frames per second or 720p with 120 fps slow motion.
  • It takes two hours to charge and can then stay in the air for 20 minutes before needing to be plugged in again.
  • Captures photos and video at gatherings, so no one has to hold a camera.
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