• "With the leading desktop 3-D printer, for $2,889, you can produce plastic prototypes; with the new small-scale milling machine from Othermill ($2,199) you can make things out of everything from aluminum to walnut."
  • Milling machines, which subtract material, are gaining popularity as 3D printing (additive manufacturing) faces challenges with vast majority of growth in 2 fields: medicine and aerospace
  • Victorian schools are setting up special labs and spaces to excite students about science, technology and math
  • Lauriston Girls' School is the first school in Australia to create a digital fabrication lab
  • The federal government is concerned about the declining number of students studying maths and science and hopes to encourage them
  • Chip is only about half the size of a pinkie nail, leaving room for whatever other hardware you might want to build
  • From MediaTek in Taiwan, its geared specifically for tomorrow’s Internet of Things and wearable tech entrepreneurs
  • MediaTek wants to build more chips to cater to the next generation of customers
  • New tools and technology (i.e. 3D printing, robotics, microprocessors, wearable computing, e-textiles, “smart” materials, programming languages) are becoming affordable education materials
  • Maker Movement uses inventing and building as tools for learning, through electronics, programming and computational mathematics
  • The Maker Movement is creating access to industrial manufacturing tools used to prototype world class innovations
  • Driven by the exponentially increasing power, ease of use and reduced costs of “making”
  • New products have begun to change the world due to cheap access to powerful tools
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