• CSIRO aims to "obtain a bee's-eye perspective on the cause of the alarming rise in the insects' mortality rate."
  • "Sensors are tiny radio frequency identification (RFID) tags measuring 2.5 x 2.5 millimetres and weighing 5.4 milligrams."
  • "Results in it only being able to carry two-thirds of its normal payload of water, pollen and nectar."
  • "Only 2% of wild bee species are responsible for pollinating nearly 80% of crops in North America and Europe—and within that 2%, few are actually threatened."
  • Researchers " found that many bee species DID decline with increasing agricultural intensification—just the more common bee species that pollinate many crops did not decline.”
  • Kamehameha butterflies, one of only two butterfly species endemic to Hawaii, appear to be disappearing; no one knows why
  • Biologists have been using a computer program called MaxEnt to record where butterflies are spotted
  • The program uses an algorithm to gather info about an ecosystem and the distribution patterns of living creatures
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