• Scientists have created an optical lens to attach over an inexpensive smartphone camera lens to amplify images 120 times
  • Lens would be a cheap and convenient way for students to do field studies or classroom work; could also have clinical applications
  • Researchers are producing the lenses by hand, using a hand-built device like a inkjet printer; bulk production would require manufacturing equipment
  • Swiss pilot and engineer Yves Rossy recently flew over Dubai on a jetpack alongside his protégé, skydiver Vince Reffet:
  • Rossy has flown with his self-made jetpack over Mount Fuji and the Grand Canyon.
  • Footage was shot from a chase plane and two GoPro cameras attached to the men as they soared over the desert and cityscape.
  • Google announced that it will begin testing autonomous vehicles on public roads in Mountain View this summer.
  • Google revealed that it’s fleet has experienced just 11 accidents in six years of tests.
  • The self-piloted vehicles will be limited to a maximum speed of 25 miles/hour, and each will include a safety driver, who can take over at any point via the on-board wheel, brake and accelerator.
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