• Issues are too numerous for voters to have their own views, so they use party or personality to decide their views on complex issues
  • The identical position is favored more by Republicans when it is associated with Trump, and vice-versa
  • As in sports, American voters seem to pick their "favorite team" as a way to participate
  • Pirate Party now has a 23.9% share of the vote, up from 12.8% in February; leading Independence Party slipped from 25.5% to 23.4%
  • In 2013, the Pirates won three parliamentary seats in Iceland’s election
  • The Party is in over 60 countries and campaigns for internet and data freedom
  • Based on polling, Latinos are significantly to the left of non-Hispanic whites on virtually every issue of policy
  • An April 2012 survey found that 75% of Latinos preferred a “bigger government” that provides more services versus 19% who favor a “smaller” one
  • 75% of illegal immigrants in the country also believe that government is the source of prosperity
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