• Same-sex marriage, having a baby outside of wedlock, human embryo research are all more acceptable than ever to Americans
  • Less supportive of 2 issues: the death penalty and medical testing on animals
  • Highest number of Americans rating as socially liberal than any point in Gallup's 16-year trend
  • According to Pew study, 43% of Millennial adults are non-white, highest share of any generation
  • 29% are not affiliated with any religion
  • Millennials stand out for voting heavily Democratic, with liberal views ranging from a belief in an activist government to support for same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization
  • roughly 10% of schools in the city will close but new prison will be built
  • 81% of closing schools will affect lower income black population
  • Intention is to cover city's debt by cutting back on new educational materials, arts and sports
  • Those who do have access only get 250KWh per year, enough to power a fan, mobile phone and lights for 5 hours/day
  • Uganda is the worst, with 85% of population lacking access to electricity, then Ethiopia, 68% and Nigeria, 47%
  • Review by African Development Bank states Africa needs investments of $60B+ each year for universal access by 2040
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