• "Oviary ($79)—a new project on Kickstarter—is a taste of what experts call "medication adherence.""
  • Clamshell case built for women taking the pill.
  • One button syncs case with a smartphone app via Wi-Fi; push notifications remind the patient to take the medication.
  • DARPA created reversible adhesive fabric that allows one to scale walls vertically without ropes or ladders
  • Designed for soldiers in urban environments, the climbing paddles have adhesive pads with material that mimics gecko feet
  • Demoed in 2012, it's now been tested successfully with a man scaling glass
  • Scientists designed a unique device with the capacity to incorporate more than 34,000 nanoholes randomly distributed in its surface
  • Highly secured virtual information is stored in the nanoholes; they can only be retrieved at a particular distance when a proper polarized illumination is employed
  • The technology "could open up a new optic avenue for unparalleled security at nanoscale precision"
  • Researchers from US and Korea for the first time ever used graphene to create a filament for an on-chip visible light source
  • They attached small strips of graphene to metal electrodes and managed to pass a current through them, causing them to heat up
  • On-chip light sources are necessary for fibre-optic communication methods; researchers have never before managed to do this with incandescent filament bulbs
  • Researchers from the University of Illinois have develped the process, paving the way for future integrated systems of graphene-MEMS hybrid devices and flexible electronics
  • Their work demonstrates a scalable method to "integrate graphene with various morphologies" and create the uniformity and damage-free nature of integrated graphene around the 3D features
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