• "Students attending the University of Oklahoma can use Apple Pay at any of the campus's 400 point-of-service locations."
  • This includes everything from "Couch Restaurants to the One University Store and the OU Bookstore."
  • "In the near future, more than 700 universities and colleges will adopt the payments service."
  • Printer can generate more than 2,100 structure types from 12 commercially available fragments
  • The complexity of natural compounds makes them impossible to synthesize
  • Compounds can be tweaked before printing, creating 'super-compounds' that can be adapted to become anti-resistant
  • Currently using Bluetooth (later in-car WiFi), the operator can drive remotely from up to 10 meters away
  • Jaguar is also using pothole detection tech to adjust suspension for oncoming potholes and share to cloud to warn other vehicles on the route
  • App lets users control steering, acceleration, brakes and gearing with a max speed of 4mph
  • Using ECoG technology, researchers identified brainwaves relating to speech; participants then read aloud while the machine pulled out the word sequence
  • Error rates were 25%, which shows the vast potential; however, currently it can only be performed using prodcedure with needles inserted into the skull
  • Scientists chose a problem stumping biologists for 120 years - what causes cells in flatworms to regenerate
  • The computer reverse-engineered the problem to explain the process
  • Medical practitioners believe harnessing the knowledge around genes could eventually be used for regenerative medicine
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