Trends & Memes That We Follow

The insight that launched Meembeem was that there was no single place to go and see important developments in all key areas of life. We all read various news, blogs, trend-watching sites, etc. But most of this information is oriented toward “shock news” to get attention, and not toward “deep news” that will matter in the long-run.

To us, there are more interesting questions: Which stories will still be told in three years, five years, ten years… twenty years? Which developments matter to Cultural Creatives, that will allow them to make better long-term decisions in their lives, families, and businesses? What will we look back on and say “That was a development that really mattered?”

At Meembeem, we start with the high-level categories in life. Things like technology, science, education, government, business, ecology, etc. We then “drill down” into each of these to follow the development of the individual trends that matter most. For example, within technology we follow robotics, artificial intelligence, nano-technology, etc.

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