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What FutureScope Is & How It Works

FutureScope is a trend and meme following tool that allows you to watch the most important emerging trends and memes. By investing a few minutes a day reading our single page of news you can train yourself to see the direction of important trends that are emerging in key areas of life.

The concept of “futurism” and the role of the “futurist” are very recent developments. It has only been the last few decades that futurism has appeared on the mental radar screens of most people. As technology accelerates communication, innovation, and our ability to predict accurately, we believe that each of us must continually educate ourselves about the directions of key trends.

Our target audience is the “Cultural Creative” individual, and innovative, entrepreneurial businesses. This is where basically all the new innovations, jobs and energy is generated in the world, and this is who we like to spend time learning from and working with.

Our time-horizon focus is what we call the “actionable future” – in other words, a future that’s close enough that we can conceptualize it with some degree of confidence, but also far enough away that the small changes we can make now in the initial conditions of our lives, families, and businesses will result in huge rewards down the road, in 5-10 years or so. Our idealized time-frame is 5 years. When we choose our individual stories to report, we are always asking ourselves: “What will make a big difference in 5 years?”

By watching the emergence, development and evolution of key areas of life, we want to empower individuals and high-impact teams to make better decisions, and create more adaptive innovations. Our vision is that everyone becomes a self-educated futurist.